When The Back-To-School Shopping List Includes a House


When it comes to your kids, ensuring that they are equipped for whatever life throws at them is crucial. One aspect of that is finding the right school and community for them. So it’s no wonder that from June-July, families are more likely to move places, in search of the right community, environment, and half the time, a great school district. Whether you’re moving schools or not, juggling your kids’ back-to-school needs and house hunting can be overwhelming. After all, you’re human, too! That said, we’ve listed some tips to help you lock in these two things.

1. Plan your timing

If you’re looking into moving houses, doing it while your kids are still in school would be an extra layer to peel off. It’ll be more challenging to juggle the ongoing school calendar and a house move. To add to that, if you’re moving to a new school in the middle of a school year, it’ll be tougher for your kid to integrate comfortably. That’s why families often move during their kids’ summer break. It’s perfect as it’s when the family has more time to tackle an undertaking like this. In short, planning and giving yourself the right amount of window to do this goes a long way.

Don’t start listing and hunting for a new place just when summer’s about to start. Instead, spread yourself out throughout the year. Expect or make it a goal for your move to be around your kid’s summer break. It’ll be less stressful not just for you, but for your kid, too. You’ll both need ample time to prepare, so don’t haste the process.

2. Get some help

Moving houses can take up a lot of time and energy. To add to that, you still have to list your current house and look for a new home before you can even think about hiring that moving service. Between work, family, and your kids’ back-to-school needs, finding the time to even go through the barrage of listings can be difficult. One way to help offload the pressure is to hire an agent. Enlisting a real estate agent will brush off some stress and will help you find the right place for your needs. You’ll have some peace of mind and more free time to spend with your family.

3. Patience is a virtue

Imagine hunting for a place way too late and now you’re rushed by time. Your kid is about to go back to school, and you’re in a hurry. You’re more likely to take a bad offer or take up a least ideal home to be in. No, no, no, we’re not going to have any of that, right? Remember, it’s best to spread this throughout the year. This way, you’ll have a large elbow room to move in. If anything goes wrong, there’s the benefit of enough time to pick the pieces. It takes the stress of being rushed away. Don’t get us wrong, if your agent finds the perfect place and offers, go for it. Strike a deal to move in the summer or find a seamless way to get it done in the school year.

4. Balance your time and effort

Remember that you’re also taking care of your kids’ return to school. Whether it’s moving to a new one or just getting them ready for a new school year, making sure they are ready and feeling confident for the year is important. So balance your time and effort to ensure they are a-ok for the year. Being prepared will go a long way and help ease their mind and yours. Make sure to involve everyone, too – it’s a family effort and milestone so don’t miss the chance to spend it with them.

5. It’s go-time

Multitasking can be a difficult thing to do for anyone. It can be taxing and stressful, but being prepared and taking your time can be of gigantic help. Taking these steps with your family makes it a lot easier too. We’d be remiss to digress that this is a phase of change, and change isn’t easy to come by. It can be overbearing, so make sure to check in on your kids and involve them in the process. Make house hunting and back-to-school preps fun for the family. And when you’ve finally nailed down the house and called the moving service, you can check our recent article on “How to take the stress of moving with kids” to help get the job done with peace of mind. Have more questions in mind? I would love to hear from you! Call me at [phone number] or send me an email at [email address].