6 New Year’s Resolutions That Can Help You Buy Your First Investment Property


Hooray for 2022! It’s another year to achieve new milestones. Have you set your goals yet? This year might just be the right year to finally invest in your first property. If you are planning to buy your first property soon, it would be helpful to make some lifestyle changes to prepare yourself for the responsibilities of being a property investor and homeowner.

Here are 6 new year’s resolutions that can help you buy your first investment property:

1. Set specific life goals.

Goal-setting might have always been a part of your new year routine. Every year, you set goals but the important question is – are your goals specific enough? This year, try setting specific life goals. Instead of simply saying that you want to have a healthier lifestyle, identify what you mean by it. Is it having a fit body, eating healthier, or taking care of your mental health more?

If you want to include buying your first property in your life goals, make sure to be specific. How big is the property that you are planning to buy? How many bedrooms? Which area? What’s your budget? When would you like to buy your dream property? Specific goals are more likely achievable because you get to strategize on how you will be able to achieve it.

2. Make a budget and stick to it.

This is probably one of the resolutions that always makes it to almost everyone’s list. So make sure not to forget this one for this year as well especially if you are planning to buy your first investment property soon. When we don’t have a specific budget, we tend to splurge. Instead of saving our extra money, we spend it on unnecessary things. By having a budget and strictly sticking to it, you get to save for more important and bigger things like buying a home.

3. Pay off credit cards in full.

Since credit cards are high-interest loans, they can highly affect how much you can save for a new home. This year, make it a habit to pay off your credit cards in full and on time. Not only will this habit help you in managing your finances wisely but it will also help you build a good credit score. A good credit score is crucial in financing a home. It will determine whether or not your loan application will get accepted, how much you can get for a loan, and a good credit score means you are most likely to be offered a lower interest rate.

4. Create automatic savings.

Save money regularly like how you would pay for your monthly bills. Put money in your savings first before you proceed with your expenses. You might be tempted to treat yourself every time you get your paycheck. This is totally understandable because you worked hard for it. It is okay to treat yourself from time to time but remind yourself of your goal to buy your first investment property. To avoid the temptation of spending your money, put it in your savings on the day that you receive your paycheck. Setting aside some money will help keep your finances in check in case there are emergencies.

5. Live below your means.

Have you heard about living below your means? This might sound challenging at first since you are used to your current lifestyle. But by making simple lifestyle changes and with the right mindset, you can definitely master frugal living. Living below your means doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself too much. It simply means that you need to avoid a lavish lifestyle and distinguish the things that you need and the things that you want. This is a simple habit that will definitely be a big help to your finances.

6. Educate yourself.

One more thing that you need to do that will help you in buying your first investment property is to keep yourself educated. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on the real estate market. This will let you know the right timing in buying an investment property. It would also be best to talk to a real estate agent. They are knowledgeable in the field and will be able to give you all the information that you need. They can also help you in finding the perfect home for your first investment property.

Once you finally find your dream home, all your efforts and sacrifices in sticking to these resolutions will definitely be worth it. If you are successful in following these resolutions, you will be ready to buy your first investment property.