7 Low-Stress Last Minute Gifts For The Home


We all anticipate the holidays every year but somehow we always forget to buy gifts! With all the decorating, baking, and other work that has piled up, remembering to buy gifts at the last minute can be stressful.
Giving a gift certificate or cash is an acceptable idea, but we’ve thought about even better last-minute gift ideas! These gifts for the home are so awesome that they will never even know that shopped them at the last minute. Whether it be your husband, parents, children, or co-workers, they’re going to love these low-stress, last-minute gifts!
1. A Cozy Throw
Make your loved one feel more at home by giving them a cozy throw pillow. Who wouldn’t want an additional throw pillow in their living room? I personally love having multiple pillows as I find comfort from them. And what makes it more meaningful is if it is given by someone close to me. It’s like having them beside me even though they are away.
2. A Gold Bartender Set
Level up celebrations at home with a gold bartender set. Why don’t you start this holiday? Make Christmas fancier with this gift. Mix your favorite cocktails using this kit which is also a great accent to your elegant home. Even though you are just at home, it will feel like you are in a high-end bar but minus the expensive drinks. How cool is that?
3. Bathtub Caddy
Upgrade your loved one’s bathroom experience with a stylish and functional bathtub tray. 
Nothing beats a relaxing bubble bath after a long and tiring day. Now, imagine having a phone holder, book holder, or a cup and candleholder while relaxing! You can put everything that you need on the caddy so you won’t have to ruin the mood to stand up. Add a bath bomb so your loved one can truly feel that you care about their wellness.
4. Amazon Prime Membership
Do you have that friend who loooves to shop and watch movies? Well, no need to think about what to give them further. An Amazon Prime subscription has everything would wish for.
Amazon Prime offers exclusive shopping deals and discounts, and free delivery! Membership also includes access to tons of award-winning movies and TV shows, over two million songs, and free books!
5. A flower subscription service for freshly delivered blooms
Fresh flowers never fail to make someone’s day. There is just something about the beauty of fresh flowers that makes someone feel good. Remind the important people in your life that you care about them by sending a nice bouquet of flowers every day! It also serves as a daily reminder that they are loved and that someone thinks about them every day.
6. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
A bed of needles might sound unappealing, but you might have a loved one that can use its benefits. If you know someone who experiences a lot of back or body pain, stress, or headaches, this is the gift for them. Acupressure beds help relieve stress, stimulate endorphins, reduce pain, and increase energy. Trust me, they’ll thank you once they experience this acupressure bed.
7.  Donation in someone’s name
If you’ve read all of these and think that the person already has everything they need, well, why not make a donation in that person’s name instead? Think about any causes or charities that your friend or loved one has always held close to their heart. Do they love dogs? Maybe they care about the environment? Or do they regularly volunteer for a local orphanage in your area?
Think about what they care about the most and donate in their name. They’re sure to appreciate it more than another pair of socks!
Did you pick up a few ideas to give your loved ones? Choosing something practical and personalized is always a great idea. Remember that a gift will always be appreciated as long as it comes from the heart. Oh, and don’t forget to write them a personalized greeting card or letter!




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