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Have you ever wondered exactly what the PorchLyte Membership looks like and how you can thrive online? Well today we are diving in and revealing our top performing asset that our members rave about month after month!

Every issue of our Monthly Playbook contains Action Plan calendar, 30+ customizable images and 30+ caption templates.  In addition to that, there are opportunities to snag video scripts, blog posts, buyer & seller guides, how-to trainings, Masterclasses, live group coaching calls, networking and referral opportunities inside our private Facebook Group and so much more! 

Go on and check it out for yourself.  If you use any of the captions and photos below, be sure to use #porchlyte to connect with other forward-thinking agents from all over North America.

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[insert testimonial]

I am only able to achieve success when my clients also achieve theirs. And that is when they are able to get their dream home.

Thank you so much for the kind words, [name of client]!

You, my clients, are my inspiration to do my best in what I do. 



Getting your offer accepted by a seller is not as easy as you think it is. Aside from the price that you will offer, there are other factors that can affect the seller’s decision on whether or not they will accept your offer. Here are top 5 ways to get your offer accepted:

Get pre-approved for a loan and provide proof with your offer.

Discover the seller’s motivation and construct your offer according to it.

Offer a closing date of the seller’s choice.

Include an escalation clause

Submit a letter or video with your offer letting the seller's know why you love their home and why they should choose you.

Coordinate with your real estate agent on how to make the best offer to your dream home. If you want to know more tips about purchasing a home, feel free to send me a message!



Should you rent or buy a home? This is probably one of the major questions of those who are looking for a new home. Let’s take a quick look on the difference of renting and owning:

When renting, the money you put into your home goes to the landlord. But you won’t need to worry about the maintenance costs. 

When you own a home, your monthly payment serves as an investment as you get to have your own property which you can sell or rent out in the future.

Over time, the value of your home will increase. If you are renting, you won’t be able to benefit from the increased value of the property and the monthly rental rate might also increase over time.

Owning a home will provide you stability while renting will give you flexibility. Think about your plans for the next few years. Do you plan to move to a different area soon? Then, renting must be your best option. If you plan to stay in a specific area for a long time, you could consider owning a home.

Renting and owning has its various advantages and disadvantages. Identifying which one is right for you actually depends on your goals.



A new month is here and it’s time to look at our monthly market update!

Last August, we’ve closed xx sales out of xxx listings! That’s more than xx% of our sales last month! What’s even more awesome is that most of those listings only took xx days on the market!

This September will surely be more exciting as a new season starts. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you won’t miss the exciting listings we have in store for you this month!

To know about your area, comment below and I will  get a copy of the full report.



Let's pretend here for a moment....

Let’s say something happened in the digital world and you are only allowed to have one app on your phone. What would it be?



Real estate agents mean serious business… most of the time. But every now and again we have to take a minute to laugh at ourselves. Probably no other job can be as stressful, as rewarding and, happily, as humorous.

Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more about real estate.

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