Unveiling Your Home Decor Identity: How to Find Your Personal Style


Hey there, fellow home enthusiasts! Are you ready to transform your living space into a reflection of YOU? Your home is your safe space and it should be a reflection of you! But with so many different home trends and different popular styles flooding the internet, how do you REALLY know what style best suits you? Join us as I help dish out some practical and fun tips to help you discover your very own home decor identity in this blog post!

Search for Inspiration

Flip through magazines, Scroll through interior design websites, and dive deep into the magical world of Pinterest! Save or pin any images that make your heart sing and your eyes sparkle. Don’t worry about being an expert at this stage; simply follow your instincts and choose what you love! If it speaks to you, add it to your boards.

Represent Your Personality

Your home should be a cozy nest that fits your needs. Do you have pets? Children? A love for hosting parties? Showcase your lifestyle and let it guide your decor choices. Let’s create a space that supports and enhances your everyday life! When you have guests over, they should get an idea of who you are by how you decorate. This is YOUR space. Make it one YOU love to be in.

Showcase Your Hobbies

Do you adore travel? Books? Nature? Sports? Whatever lights up your world, let’s bring it into your home decor! Souvenirs from your travels, a bookshelf overflowing with your favorite reads, or a touch of greenery to bring nature indoors, sports team memorabilia – it’s all about infusing your space with your unique passions.

Details Are Everything

Pay attention to those little things that make a big impact. Add a splash of color with vibrant throw pillows, cozy up the space with a soft rug, and let your personality shine through decorative accessories. Your personal touch will bring it all together!

It’s a Marathon Not A Race

Take your time on this exciting journey of self-discovery. There’s no rush to fill your space with decor items; let it unfold naturally and evolve over time. The process should be as enjoyable as the result! If you decide that what you loved yesterday isn’t YOU today, that is also okay! There are no rules on this journey! Take your time!

Your home should be a place that fills you with joy and comfort. What is most important is that this is a space you feel most at peace in. This is your space, and it’s all about expressing yourself authentically! If what is ‘trendy’ isn’t what YOU love … then you keep putting the puzzle together until you do!

Bring It All Together

In conclusion, this is your space! Take your time with finding what fits and feels right to you. The goal is for you to LOVE being home. Take the time to create a vision board, and put elements and pieces together that represent you and your personality. It is okay if it isn’t what’s IN or trendy. Do some research and remember that even the little details should have a piece of you! Above all else, have fun!